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Al Mezan Hospital

about us

The establishment of Al-Mizan Specialist Hospital began in 1996 AD, and it practiced its medical activities in 1999 AD As it is the first of its kind in Hebron in particular and in Palestine in general Where it provides medical services to patients and their medical requests of high quality

Dr. Mohamed Melhem

Chairman of Board of Directors

Peace, mercy and blessings of God: Based on our firm belief in the necessity of developing the health sector in this dear homeland Palestine, and in line with the trends of the unique Palestinian leadership in emphasizing partnership between the public and private sectors to build state institutions, and out of our keenness to actively participate in the service of this great people, and to facilitate treatment for them at home.

Dr. Hazem Shalaldeh

General Director

Peace, mercy and blessings of God: Dear Sisters and Brothers We at Al-Ghad Medical Services Company - Al-Mizan Specialized Hospital welcome you, and we have taken it upon ourselves, despite all the difficult political and economic conditions we are going through. Where we have attracted competencies in several specialties from inside the country and from neighboring countries, for the convenience and health of our patients and with the aim of alleviating the burden of our patients traveling abroad for treatment, which restored confidence in the hospital.